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Our Maryland Mason Lodge

We are dedicated to making good men find betterment in life. We believe in a power greater than ourselves and ensuring our actions perverse a greater future for posterity. We are a fraternity of like minded men, without regard to race, religion, or wealth. We strive to create a better world by united good men with a common goal

A Short History of Masonry

The beginning of Free Masonry is lost in antiquity however, we are taught an “Allegorical History” as set forth below:

The brotherhood of Masons is reported to have started with the building of King Solomon’s Temple. The builders were divided into 3 groups: Entered Apprentice, Fellow Craft and Master Masons. The Master Mason degree was received when the builders craft was learned and perfected. During the building of the Temple the Master Builder and Architect was killed and a great secret was lost.

The history now jumps forward to the Middle Ages. The members of the Craft had developed such a good reputation that they were given free movement over Europe.  These masons built the great castles, churches and cathedrals.  Since they could move freely they were called Free Masons.

The Craft was developed into an organization in England in 1717 when The Grand Lodge of England was formed. These members were Operative Masons. Later other men of good character were granted the right to join. With the movement to the New World, Masonry followed.

Amicable Lodge # 25 - Now known as Amicable - St. John’s Lodge #25 was granted a Charter in 1797 the same year Baltimore City was formed. During the 215 years the Lodge has been very active in the history of our country.  During the last few years Amicable Lodge has merged with Cassia Lodge # 45 on March 1, 2001, Centre Lodge #108 on November 6, 2002 and St John’s Lodge # 34, December 1, 2006.  With the merger of 2006 the name of the Lodge was changed to Amicable-St. Johns Lodge # 25.  We are the second oldest lodge within the Grand Lodge of Maryland that has never had a break in service within the fraternity.

Lodge Officers

Our lodge has had 1,000's of members over the century. We currently have over 400 active members of the lodge. Lodge officers serve one year terms. Meet them below.

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