Maryland Freemason Lodge A.F.&A.M.
Established June 21 1797.

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2018 Worshipful Master Adam Oliner

February Lodge Meeting

Next Meeting is February 1, 2018. 
Starts at 7:30 pm

Open in MM Degree
G.M.W. with W.M.

Following the meeting there will be refreshments.

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Meetings held in the Roman Room of the Grand Lodge Building, 302 International Circle, Cockeysville, Maryland 21030. We meet formally the 1st & 3rd Thursday of each month at 7:30 pm. In the event of bad weather check out this website for announcements regarding cancellations. Families looking for Masonic funeral service information should request here.

Message about 2018 Dues Bills

2018 Dues bills have been mailed out on December 22, 2017.
If you have not gotten your dues notice by January 15, 2018 please print a dues payment coupon, complete it and mail it to lodge with payment.

Our Lodge History

Amicable Lodge # 25, now known as Amicable ~ St. John’s Lodge #25, was granted a Maryland Freemason lodge charter from the Grand Lodge of Maryland in 1797 the same year Baltimore City was formed. Making Amicable ~ St. John’s one of the oldest Freemason Lodges in Maryland. During the 220 years the Lodge has been very active in the history of our country. During World War II Amicable Lodge raised $5,647,800 during the War Bond drives leading all Lodges of the State. A Heavy Bomber was christened “Amicable Lodge” in our honor. During the last few years Amicable Lodge has merged with Cassia Lodge # 45 on March 1, 2001, Centre Lodge #108 on November 6, 2002 and St. Johns Lodge # 34, December 1, 2006. The name of the Lodge was changed to Amicable ~ St. Johns Lodge # 25. We are a very active and growing lodge within the Maryland Freemasons, with over 410 brothers. We look forward to the future of the Lodge and the many new brothers whom will join and keep with Its long and historic traditions. Become a part of this Lodge - Ask A Maryland Mason.
Amicable Lodge #25
Chartered June 21, 1797
Became Amicable-St. John's Lodge #25 on December 1, 2006
St. John's Lodge 
Chartered November 8, 1802 
Merged December 1, 2006
Cassia Lodge 
Chartered May 6, 1811 
Merged March 1, 2001
Centre Lodge 
Chartered May 9, 1859
 Merged November 6, 2002 


Lodge 2018 Charity

Special Olympics of MD (PDF)
Every Year Amicable-St. John's Lodge #25 tries to sponsor a local charity. As Maryland Freemasons and being a very active Mason Lodge we try and improve our community. Charity is one of the most valuable cardinal virtue that a mason can exemplify. Every year Masons across the the Country and the World donate billions of dollars to charity in order to relieve the distressed. 
In 2018 the Lodge's Master has chosen the Special Olympics of Maryland as our year long goal for raising funds.  Our goal is to raise enough funds to sponsor a athlete for the games. It is estimated that the cost will be between $3,500 and $4,000. This is a great goal and we pray all brothers will participate in the many fundraisers planned over the year.
For more details you may email the W.M. or Lodge Secretary at

Big Events All Year

2018 is packed with Lodge Events:

In March we are planning on having a visiting sister lodge perform a Degree.

May brings us a new event that the lodge has not seen before. The W.M. has a planned a Circus Night. You will not want to miss this inaugural event.

That event will be followed by a meeting in which is planned the Cleopatra Needle presentation. This has been done in lodge in  the past and is most enjoyable and educational.

September brings upon us a tradition that has been lost. A Colt Night is planned. Many brothers have not seen this, so you should make it a priority to attend lodge!

October brings us the Festive Board and Bingo Night. Both events are always well attended and are open to Family and Friends. Just remember to RSVP!

Charity Bingo

Roast Flyer (PDF)
This year's Charity is charity.
Special Olympics Maryland, a Maryland based non-profit organization incorporated in
Baltimore, MD USA. It strives to support the Athletes that compete in the Games and the community around them. 
We will be having several events this year to raise funds for this charity.
In the second half of the year we will have a Bingo Night and a Table Lodge to help raise funds for this charity.

2018 Festive Board
Thur. 10/04- We will be having a Festive Board. Starts at 7:30 pm in the Common Room. Please RSVP for event to the W.M. at


ASJ EMAIL DISTRIBUTION LIST We are developing an ASJ Maryland mason lodge email membership roster and need your help. We are moving faster into the digital age. In doing so we will be using an email management system to manage the lodge’s digital communications. If you have not done so yet, please go and sign up. You will be able to manage/update your email address all online. Once you sign-up you will get a confirmation email from the lodge. You must confirm by clicking the link in the email before you can receive emails from our lodge.
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