Museum - 2017 Roast Of W.B. Harvey Davidoff


W.B. Harvey Davidoff 
See the larger pictures below.
The event was a huge success! Over 100 where in attendance. I want to thank all those that came to honor W.B. Davidoff and to those brothers that help make this wonderful night happen!
W.M. Michael Grossblatt

2017 Roast of W.B. HARVEY DAVIDOFF.

This event was for the Charity "Keep" and over 100 where in attendance. W.B. Davidoff was completely Roasted by the end of the evening. Roast Master for the night was W.B. Mark Edward Pearstein. (May 4 2017 at 7:00 pm lower lever Grand Lodge)
Professional Pictures of ‘The Roast’ Provided by Big Show Photo, LLC
Some Phone Pics of the Night's "Actions", provided by brethren in the room.


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